Atomic Orchard is 63,432 s.f. 5 story, mixed use new construction building, with 5 retail spaces on the ground floor along NE Sandy Blvd. and 86 residential apartments on the floors above. All of the units are multi-story, except for four units on the ground floor.  The central portion of the building is organized around a five-story open atrium covered by a floating glass canopy and open to atmosphere at each end. 

Atomic Orchard is an affordable housing experiment:

60% of the apartments will be offered at market rate
20% of the apartments are affordable, 
at 80% of mean income
20% of the apartments are greatly reduced at “less than affordable” income standards

The discounted units will be marketed exclusively to teachers and social workers, as a way of giving back to individuals whose income bracket does not reflect how actively they are involved with enriching and shaping the city of Portland. 

The third floor is the first level that has the suspended gangway along the central spine of the building. When residents and visitors arrive on the third level from Stair A or B they are located approximately 28” below the finish floors of the units. This creates a sense of privacy so that when people are walking by their neighbors units, they are not able to look directly into the apartment.  This also creates a series of “front stoops,” where people can sit, rest, and talk with neighbors. 

This creates a unique internal, yet exterior circulation system that is open to the elements.  Residents will be protected from rainfall via a glass canopy, which will let light into this gathering area/ circulation system. As a result of this design, more natural light finds its way into the units along the central gangway.