Brett Schulz, architect PC (BSA)

           ... is engaged in a wide variety of project types. Multifamily developments, mixed use buildings, and adaptive reuse projects comprise the bulk of our practice. A variety of commercial and institutional projects round out the mix. We boast over 40 years of combined staff experience, with hundreds of completed projects to date.


Community identity and prosperity are at the core of "why" we choose our projects and "how" our work actively creates the kind of city we want to live in.  Our projects and clients are those organizations and individuals who we are proud to be associated with, and whose ethics we can stand behind and confidently promote.  Our interest in shaping public space lies in the belief that through collaboration we are more powerful and effective at giving a voice to those often silenced, drowned out or simply spread too thin to advocate for themselves.  We believe in advocacy for small businesses, independents, minorities, women and all those groups collectively labeled "other". We take seriously the role that the profession of architecture has in the ongoing and evolving civic dialogue on how cities are utilized; in particular, by who and how design can be used to create more equitable environments.  


Our project success is measured by the impact on the surrounding community and the way space is designed to encourage inclusivity and affordability.  We act from the belief that every design offers an opportunity to be integrated into its context appropriately, be user-focused and give back to its community and the environment.