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Our Work



We may be the team behind the design of your favorite place to unwind, rendezvous with friends or try the latest seasonal cocktail. Our commercial work is at the heart of our commitment to being connected to the communities where we build. 


As more people worldwide move to cities, architects are increasingly challenged to solve problems of living well in tight spaces. We will continue advocating for, building, and designing affordable housing while maintaining attention to details and sustainability.

non-profit & homeownership PROJECTS

Home ownership, at the townhouse scale, helps mitigate and prevent involuntary displacement by assisting first time home-owners with financial assistance, education and affordable financing.


Dwell Magazine's 10 Best Designed  Places to Eat and Drink in Portland.


"Han Oak's space was designed by Brett Schulz Architects, and evokes the spontaneity and approachability of the ever-evolving menu." -- DWELL MAGAZINE

We couldn't be more proud.  Click here to read the article. 


Best of 2018

"This sequestered sanctuary occupies its own dimension.”
-Anna Mackay, of Guerrilla Development

We're thrilled to share that our adaptive reuse project New New Crusher Court is featured in the Willamette Week's Lineup for the Best of 2018.  Click the link to read more!


“This Portland building will be covered in actual trees”

-Portland Monthly Design Annual 2018

How many ways can you push the envelope?  The Tree Farm is a dynamic addition to the skyline of the Central Eastside.  We're teaming up with Guerrilla Development on this experiment to create a commercial maker space building with real live trees all the way up the facade.  We're making a building that will remind us all why we love trees and maybe even help us all breathe a little easier.  Coming soon to a Morrison Bridge near you.


Food For Thought

Many of our mixed-use projects include bar or restaurant tenants.  In the last few years, we've ramped up our involvement in the vibrant Portland dining scene by designing some of these unique establishments.  We've been lucky enough to have as clients (and friends) some of the best chefs and restaurateurs in the city. 


Some see constraints, we see opportunity

The Inner Southeast section of Portland is going through a dramatic transformation, with many new apartment buildings trying to meet the housing demand.  We designed the Ankeny Apartments to gracefully fit into the neighborhood with roof dormers that reference the immediate context while snugly fitting into the zoning envelope required by code.  The site is along the East Burnside corridor, a commercial strip that is ready to become a hub of higher-density housing in Portland.


Adaptive Reuse Remix

We value the lessons that old buildings have to teach. Adaptive reuse projects maintain the character of neighborhoods, conserve resources and contribute to our collective historic heritage. Each and every renovation of an existing structure is a thoughtfully considered intervention, respectful of what has come before yet relevant to today. 


Build With Us

Our firm embraces a team philosophy, with a design process driven as much by client collaboration as architectural experience. We are passionate about design, about people, and about the environment around us, and we bring that passion to seeking a unique solution for each project and client. We approach each opportunity with open minds and without a preconceived notion of what should be. Whatever the particular program or design intention, we hope to create something timeless, a project that transcends stylistic trends, and reflects the best intentions of the team that conceived and created it.