From the team that brought you The Ocean and The Zipper (BSA & Guerrilla Development) comes REM - ROCKET EMPIRE MACHINE!

This adaptive reuse project resides within an existing auto body/auto repair shop located at NE Glisan & NE 70th Ave in the Montavilla neighborhood. It consists of four micro-restaurants and bar with shared indoor and outdoor seating. REM is a unique social experiment utilizing a non-displacement benefit model. As Guerrilla Development explains it:

“The concept is simple: internally subsidize one unit's rent as a way to combat the negative aspects of gentrification while preserving the positive ones. Here's how it plays out: Studies have shown that if local retailers can "hold on" through the initial rent increase associated with a gentrification wave in their neighborhood, their net operating income can double. With that in mind, we’re creating a temporary (through Year 5) internal subsidy for one of the retail spaces to be applied directly to a hyper-local vendor who wants to either remain in or start a new business in the Montavilla neighborhood.”

Put simply, REM is RAD.

REM shares a lot with upcoming Jolene’s Second Cousin, a 2-story, 3500sf, 11 Single Room Occupancy (SRO) development with a ground floor retail space. Jolene’s Second Cousin is an alternative housing project in collaboration with Guerrilla Development and Portland non-profit Join.